Male Sex Toy Buyers' Guide

A Beginner´s Story, First Automatic Masturbator!

When I first tried an automatic masturbator, I was a little intimidated. I used to be extremely uncomfortable talking about sex and masturbation in any way, so I knew what a shame it would be to buy one of these. But knowing that I might want to experience something new, and that technology is changing every day to have more fun one way or another, I decided to take a risk and go to the store and buy an automatic masturbator.

I bought the newest automatic masturbator, a single-use one, perfect for travelers. While it’s small and durable, it’s far more powerful than I thought it would be. Undoubtedly, I began to marvel at the simple yet powerful mechanism it constituted, which could mimic a well-experienced partner to provide stimulation and make my body feel better.

First, I needed to fill it with lube before using it to keep it from churning or breaking, without lube it would burn itself out and be a disappointment. Then you can put it on the bed, adjust the vibration speed, adjust it according to your wishes, and start enjoying in bed.

Really, using an auto masturbator is so easy, it takes a few minutes to adjust it and enjoy it. But there was one thing that had to be paid special attention to: I had to prepare the security environment in the background, and I had to make sure that the automatic masturbator could change the vibration frequency and take it out of the power supply safely. Without these safety measures, using an automatic masturbator can become very dangerous.

Finally, I started using the automatic masturbator, and when my body was filled with its soothing stimulation, I exceeded my imagination. I was so stimulated that my whole body was shaking and I was even getting hot. That said, it was safer than either partner’s stimulation, and best of all I didn’t have to offend or hide anything from anyone, or worry about hurting myself with a painful STD.

Thinking back on how much I dreaded using an auto masturbator and how it was such an unforgettable experience for me and how relaxing I felt, so I’ve been using it since the first time I used it it. An automatic masturbator can help anyone easily obtain multiple stimuli and still satisfy their body’s needs without being influenced by any circumstances and experience the fun of fun.

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