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Best Anal Sex Positions

I am discussing with you about anal sex. Almost every man has the desire for anal sex – this unexplored and unknown realm for most people. There are many more things about anal sex are so interesting and magical for you to explore.

Anal sex is always popular just like oral sex and vagina sex. If you have ever tried and played anal sex, then you can know my meaning well. If you did not have anal sex before, and you still have interest, then you can read this post carefully. In this post, I would like discuss with you why anal sex are so popular and the best anal sex for you to try. At the same time, these anal sex positions have been tried by many guys and they won recognization.

No matter whether you are men or woman, gay or lesbian, you can have anal sex with your sex partner as will, and plus, you cannot just regard anal sex as your regular activity in your sex life. Anal sex can spice up your sex desire, add the interest, and improve your relationship. If you feel tired at the vagina sex, then why don’t try anal sex for more sex pleasure.

When you have anal sex, many nerves will be stimulated to bring you much sex pleasure. If you have ever done this, then you will know my meaning. You even can become addicted to the anal sex, and you will never forget this kind of feeling.

However, there is something you need to know when you are having the anal sex. For example, as we all know, anus will not breed fluid like the vagina, so you need to use lube for anal sex. Later, we will tell you more about the lube for anal sex. If you are not going to use the lube for your anal sex, then it will cause a painful feeling to you and your sex partners. In my opinion, no one can bear this kind of pain.

No matter what is your gender, women or men, anal sex is one kind of incredible experience and sex pleasure. Anal sex can always make you both become more intimate and happy. Therefore, we can say that regular anal sex can make your sex life become more harmony.

In this post, we would like to share the best anal sex positions so that you can have more knowledge about the anal sex. From doggy style to cowgirl positions, or other kinds of positions. All these anal sex potions have their own advantages and disadvantages, what you need to do is find the best anal sex positions for you and your sex partners.

Before we know better about anal sex positions, we should have some knowledgement bout how to have anal sex and the tips of anal sex. At the same time, you should pay attention to the safety when you have anal sex. Only if you take care of your anus, then you can have an orgasm more comfortably. One more tip to have anal sex more pleasure is to keep contacting with your sex partners.

Why Anal Sex Is Popular?

If you never have anal sex before, then maybe you even ignore this kind of sex. You may say” I don’t care the anal sex”. On the country, if you have had anal sex, even just once, then you will never forget this kind of sex feeling and you even want to have anal sex all the time. Now, you know how much you are into the anal sex.

As the report says, it can bring you a prolong and strong sex orgasm when you have the anal sex. The reason is that there are full of sensitive nevers ending within the anus, and even many connect with the penis.

Take a metaphor here, you body is just like a highway, which is full of nerves and organization, at the same time, they are all connected. If you or your sex partner hit the right tune, then the pleasure will run through your whole body.

If you are a man, and you want to have anal sex. You can still have an orgasm with anal sex. Of course, most men have anal sex orgasm with anal sex toys. Different people have anal sex for different purposes, some just want to cure their prostatitis, some want to have anal sex pleasure. Apart from anal sex toys, having sex with a man is also a good choice.

If you are a woman, having anal sex can stimulate your g spot and a spot. In general, a spot is difficult to find and stimulated because it is deeper. Furthermore, the stimulation for A spot is more strong and has more time.

I did not mean that i belittle the G spot. Maybe you have heard the g-spot orgasm is already comfortable and stimulating. but A spot orgasm will make your sex orgasms come to the next level.

If you want to have anal sex, but your sex partner says no to you. Then you need to tell him or her the advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, anal sex is worth and you will definitely love it after one try. If you want to have a new sex experience, then you just cannot miss anal sex.

Preparation for Anal Sex

Contacting your sex partner all the time is very important. If your sex partner still rejects this kind of sex pleasure, please do not force her or him to do this. After all, forcing will not make you feel happier.

As we all know, not everyone is into anal sex, no matter whether they are men or women. If your sex partner also wants to have anal sex, just like you, then you need to cherish her or him. Before anal sex,, just have enough preparation for it.

For example, before anal sex, you can insert some small ones, just like a small butt plug so that you can relax your anus muscle to ensure safety. Just remember, I did mean just relax your anus, including your full body. Nervous feelings will make things worse.

What is important is that you always need to use the lube. Any anal sex positions need lube. Just keep adding the lube all the time when having anal sex. If you did not have anal sex before, enough lube can make your anal sex more comfortable. Among all kinds of anal sex positions, which one is better? I don’t know, you had better try them all and find the best one.

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