Knowledge After Having Male Sex Toys

Making Sense of These Feelings for My Sex Doll Torso

I recently got a new sex doll torso that comes with a mannequin that I can put on an outfit to impersonate any gender.

First, it’s about shape and tactile feel. The mannequins of the sex doll torsos, the larger scale skin mimics the human body, it’s much more realistic than other sex doll torsos I’ve used before and made me feel “closer” to them. In particular, there are subtle wrinkles and folds on these models, which make the touch feel more real, lively and alive, and warmer when touched directly.

Secondly, it is about the feeling of flexibility. When I wear a sex doll torso outfit, I can change the outfit to the look I want. You can use decals or add some accessories that make the sex doll torso look more gender-specific, such as metal rings, wrist guards, etc. The flexibility of the torso of the sex doll is also higher than that of the models I have used before, and some nodes of the human body can be touched, so that the sex doll torso can change its posture, become more interesting and lively, and can play more roles.

Today, I still have a strong interest in sex doll torsos, and I often spend my spare time with them. From design to drawing, woodworking to sewing, I complete each stage of them meticulously and patiently. This is an extremely time-consuming activity, just like their mysterious relationship in a golden coat in my life. Handmade sex doll torsos are alive. They can not only shape various interesting designs, but also provide them with a space to think about problems. I will find fun in their thinking and feel that their thinking brings me convenience.

Sex doll torsos are tools for me to explore the unknown world, telling me that I can use them to create real happiness, they express themselves like real people, if I lose an important person, I still have sex doll torsos to accompany me, no matter what Circumstances, they are my constant companions in keeping me going. Of course, my attitude towards sex doll torsos is more than just a feeling. Their existence has changed my imagination and aroused my curiosity. I will study and think, whether in technology, art, Whether it is the shape or the shape, I can gain something, use them to make more SD designs, give me more creative inspiration, and make my artistic life more colorful.

Finally, it is about the feeling of safety. These sex doll torsos are made from safe non-toxic materials and are inspected regularly so you can use them with peace of mind. The interface in the sex doll’s torso is also safe enough to use without burning your hands or pulling your hair out. This is very important to me because I can use it without worrying about burning my head or hands.

All in all, my feelings about the these sex doll torsos are very positive. It’s a new kind of toy that meets my needs for authenticity and flexibility, and it’s safe and secure. So I’ll keep using these sex doll torsos for demos and be happy and content with them.

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