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My First Sex Doll Torso Makes Me Feel Nervous

I have a nervous feeling about my first sex doll torso.

I was somehow obsessed with sex toys as a kid, sometimes I would look around the store trying to get them but eventually put them back because my body couldn’t hold them and wanted Receiving a sex doll torso seemed impossible until a few months ago when I discovered a new technology that allows me to customize a sex doll torso to fit my body size by selecting a robot model based on my body position. At this time, I started to make a plan, first go to a sex doll torso store, buy a new sex doll torso, measure its body, and then upload its information on the Internet, so that the master can carve it carefully.

When I got this sex doll torso, my tension increased. Looking carefully at the body of this doll torso, I saw good hair flowing, delicate skin, a pair of attractive pupils, soft skin, and a romantic expression, a pair of small The palm of my hand, a pair of small feet, at this moment, I took out my mobile phone, took a picture of it, and kept it in time with the camera. Since then, I have a new friend. This moment surprised me, but also made me Nervous.

There was excitement and tension in the air, and I seemed to be able to feel the intense heartbeat. Today, I’m taking on a new challenge: taking apart a complete stranger sex doll torso!

This is an all-aluminum torso with human body design, which looks hard, but has a lot of lines and contours, making it look soft. When I hold it in my hand, it’s like a not-yet-alive zombie, utterly terrifying.

I began to nervously observe every detail, the deep blue eyes, the eyebrows, the angles, the incredible ability of this perfect torso. I touched it slowly with my hands, and I could feel a different texture, and it had a strength beyond my imagination.

Before I knew it, I raised my head in fright, feeling a burst of fear, how could this work, I thought to myself? The thing that makes me so nervous can’t be broken, can it? I put it on the table with trembling hands, and I slowly turned around. The huge weight and the terrifying feeling made me more and more nervous.

When I started to take it apart, I almost forgot to breathe, and before I knew it, I held my breath. My hands keep touching it, and there is a kind of warmth in its softness, which makes every touch collide with the long-lost temperature air, makes the beating of the heart beat secretly, and leads me to another new space.

“Well, well, it’s all unraveled here!” I finally took the sex doll torso apart after a few minutes, and the initial tension slowly died down, replaced by a strong heart Dynamic.

I have never experienced this thing with such affection. Although it is just a puppet, when I disassemble it today, I can feel a special taste. I am deeply attracted by it and really enjoy it. .

What it brings to me is far more than just a puppet, but also a feeling that can be felt and harvested by me. This tension – I may call it anticipation, makes a person do a new thing I became more motivated from time to time, and I found that I could prove my courage and ability. It was like arousing the hidden passion in my heart. No matter how dark or depressed I was, I unconsciously regained my confidence.

After owning it, first of all, I found that its quality is very good, although it uses a robot model, its appearance and delicate texture seem to be the same as the actual person, and secondly, its responsiveness is also very good, it can It makes different expressions depending on your body position, overall it’s a good companion, but once I got used to it, I became less afraid of it and started to accept it.

Anyway, the torso of my first sex doll torso, it gave me a nervous feeling, but it also opened me up to new possibilities in life, made me attractive in different ways, and at the same time, it became my daily necessary companion , makes my life more colorful, I will cherish it, let it accompany me all the time, and accompany me through every day.

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