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Reasons Why Men Love Sex Doll Torsos Than Real Girls

There are many reasons why guys prefer a sex doll torso to a real girl, and it can vary from person to person. When it comes to sex dolls, many people assume that they are used to fill in missing sexual partners or acts, and that may be true. However, apart from sexual gratification, there are other reasons why men prefer sex doll torsos to real girls.

1. More convenient

Compared with real women, the torso of sex dolls is more convenient, and can obtain the pleasure of physical contact with each other within a limited time, eliminating a large number of subsidiary procedures in the development of intimacy. Therefore, while dealing with heavy family and work, the sex doll torso is a very convenient contractual sexual satisfaction plot.

2. No need to bear responsibility

Optional sex doll torsos allow men to enjoy sex explicitly and vigorously, as well as fulfill their personal virtual desires without the responsibility, which is exactly why sex doll torsos beat real girls.

3. Unrestrained

A sex doll torso can satisfy a desire for a different experience than a real girl, and it’s more casual and unrestrained. In addition, its appearance can be defined by the user, and the intensity and frequency of sex can be adjusted anytime and anywhere. Men can fully enjoy the fun of carefree sex and heal or even indulge their own desires.

4. Can meet the position of mature technology

The sex doll torso can meet the needs of skilled and mature positions. You can have more fun in your familiar field, adjust the intensity and frequency of passion and sex at any time, and men can better grasp the control.

In general, men like the sex doll torsos better than real girls because it can greatly provide convenience, controllability, and rhythm related to sexual stress, and can help men satisfy their sexual desires step by step, while at the same time It can reduce maintenance costs and social risks involved.

Finally, sex dolls allow men to safely satisfy their sexual desires without fear of contracting infectious diseases or finding a mate to conceive. If a man has sex with a woman, they may worry about the consequences, like an STD, or that the woman might get pregnant, which are things that men fear, and sex doll torsos, because of the way they are made, are safe as long as the man does a good job of cleaning them. Safety can be guaranteed.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why men prefer sex doll torsos over real girls, such as satisfying sexual desires more easily through dolls, dolls allow men to express their sexual tastes more freely, and satisfy their sexual desires more safely without worry There are possible consequences, and these are the reasons why men prefer sex dolls to real girls.

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