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Top 10 Sex Doll Torsos in 2023

1. RealDoll X: RealDoll X is a high-end doll torso with a real appearance and a high degree of simulation. It uses a full-human special chip to make them make realistic movements and human-like expressions. The slender figure, natural hairstyle, soft skin and delicate details make it almost like a living person!

2. TPE doll torso: One of the highlights of the TPE doll torso is the addition of a non-proportional body, seamless extension, and the function of separating muscles. The three-dimensional effect is prominent, and it also has super high detachability. It is made of white TPU, which is just the right hardness, gentle and close-fitting. It also has details from the inside out. The mask, eyebrows, hair and carrot head are all carefully processed. deal with.

3. Male and female character spider crawling sex doll torsos: This spider crawling sex doll torso is a sex character covered durable and easy-to-maintain toy with real male and female character hidden parts that you can put on and play with! Its crawling sensor is linked to the smartphone, and it can follow the heard signal to drag, and it can also capture the sound as command, which is an exciting new experience.

4. Super-simulation smart torso: Super-simulation smart sex doll torso, fine and amazing workmanship, the surface is a perfect human face model, the eyes, nose bridge, lips, etc. are all delicate, breathing, pulse, pronunciation and body posture are perfectly reproduced Various language expressions, such as expressions, music, dance, etc., can communicate with you like a real person.

5. Mesh humanoid torso: You can adjust it into various mesh shapes, and you decide its shape. Deep multi-core fine wiring, metal poles, integrated circuits, these components form a perfect humanoid shape, unique Advanced 3D printing technology, from the surface to the innermost part, makes it deformable to surprise and delight you.

6. Mannequin torso: The sex doll torso of the mannequin is made of TPU material. The palms of the hands and feet are composed of exquisite shapes. It is equipped with an adjustable smiley face module. Currently, there are 5 expressions of love, anger, cuteness, clumsiness and sleepiness. The overall positioning is youthful and full of personality.

7. Detachable cute bear sex toy torso: This bear sex doll torso is composed of soft toys with colorful hand-embroidered threads on the surface. The neck, legs and head can be disassembled to become more cute. It also has Super cute sweet eyes, let you fall in love at first sight!

8. Interesting and simple folding torso: Interesting and simple folding sex toy torso, this kind of sex doll torso has a unique design, it is not only simple, but also can be folded into small objects, it is made of high-quality nylon material, soft, durable and reliable, with high spirituality, and can be configured according to the human body Arranged, it will not be strained when twisted, and it is skin-friendly and comfortable.

9. The sex doll torso of the wonderful skeleton robot: The sex doll torso of the wonderful skeleton robot has a very realistic appearance. The skeleton mechanical technology enables it to have realistic movements. Both dynamic and realistic movements are perfectly realized, and there are many emotional expressions such as speed, pain and pride.

10. Multifunctional three-dimensional insect robot torso: The sex doll torso uses 3D printing technology to combine insects and robots to form a three-dimensional picture, which is more flexible in structure. Its movements can be flexible with the current insects, and the electronic system can also Satisfied with a variety of sensitive emotional expressions, it also has real insect movements such as isolated shooting, shaking, and jumping.

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