Male Sex Toy Buyers' Guide

Weight of a Torso Masturbator Concerns – First Time Buyer!

The torso masturbator is a comprehensive sex product with strong stimulation and very effective features, and is favored by many players. However, when it comes to “the weight of the torso masturbator, there are still many consumers who are the focus of attention”, and many consumers have certain “worries” when purchasing.

First, torso masturbators are generally relatively light, typically weighing under a pound. This involves the problem of portability for the buyer’s actual use: if it is too heavy, it will easily shift when lifting weights, which will affect the performance; . Therefore, in order to better experience sex toy torso, the size part needs to be carefully considered in the early stage.

Secondly, buyers can also obtain a better experience through a variety of torso masturbators made of different materials. Most of the torso masturbators on the market are mainly made of TPR material, which has the characteristics of moderate hardness and high durability; in addition, there are also some torso masturbators made of ABS material. They are extremely light, but the quality must be recognized by customers. Confirm to ensure the quality is guaranteed.

In addition, first-time buyers should pay attention to the price of the torso masturbators, because the higher the price, the more noble the configuration, the more comfortable the use, and the quality will also improve. Of course, when buying, you should also pay attention to avoiding products that are too cheap. Some cheap torso masturbators may have potential safety hazards and are unsafe to use. Pay attention to handling them so as not to affect your own health.

Generally speaking, when purchasing a torso masturbator for the first time, the key issue is both weight and quality. The weight should meet the personal experience of use, and ensure that the handle is smooth when sliding and grinding, and it will not fall out of your hand; in terms of quality, pay attention to the selection of materials and try to Avoid cheap products to ensure a safe and comfortable use experience. In addition, price is also an important factor that needs to be paid attention to. There will be gaps in the prices of products of different qualities. You can refer to the market price and choose products that can meet your needs to prevent waste of investment.

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