Male Sex Toy Buyers' Guide

What Are the Popular Male Masturbators in 2023?

The popular male masturbators in 2023 will have many changes compared to 2020. There are a variety of new masturbators for men to choose from, most of which are innovative designs. A variety of pressure masturbators, with ultra-soft interlayer materials, are enough for men to enjoy the emotional experience in flirting games, not only can bring unlimited fun, but also achieve a new liberating technical experience, giving men more psychological comfort and pleasure.

1. Tenga Flip Zero

Tenga Flip Zero is a masturbation device launched by the Japanese brand TENGA. It has two rotatable nodes and is equipped with a constant button that can be clicked, which can be used to perform a rotating massage and adjust different pressures to maximize the masturbation effect. At the same time, it also allows users to use it for a long time by charging. It is very compact, only 87.5 * 58 * 38.5mm, weighs only 175g, can be put in the pocket, easy to carry.

2. Lovense Edge II

Lovense Edge II is a male masturbation toy launched by LOVENSE. It uses the most advanced sensor technology on the market today, which can accurately convert sounds, touches, images and textures into sound feedback to users. Users can adjust the strength of the device through the APP connected to Lovense anytime and anywhere, and use “automatic sensory motion” to Control the vibration and vibration mode to meet different mood changes. In addition, it can also realize remote control with other LOVENSE devices, allowing men to masturbate without geographical restrictions.

3. Cloud 9 Male Masturbation Stimulation Kit

Cloud 9 Male Masturbation Stimulation Set, launched by Cloud 9 San Francisco brand, is a multifunctional masturbator with super soft sandwich material, adjustable vibration frequency, intensity and rotation effect, allowing users to easily adjust the control themselves to ensure different results during massage Sensation, arousal can not taste, enhance male self-flirting experience. In addition, it is also equipped with a neck grip that can adjust different levels of pressure, which can effectively use arm strength to make different vibration intensities to meet the individual needs of users.

4. Male masturbation device – voice control

Voice-controlled male masturbator is a wearable masturbator with sensory function, which can adjust the frequency and intensity according to the sensitivity of the sound, so as to achieve the effect of self-flirting. It integrates high-efficiency L35 chip and high-efficiency acoustic induction KKIC technology. It has a small appearance and can be hidden in underwear. It is easy to use and can perform online remote control in real time. It can also adjust parameters according to actual needs, bringing users the most abundant enjoyment. .

5. Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is a self-programmable male masturbation toy launched by Fleshlight. Its new intelligent technology can adjust parameters according to the user’s vibration and intensity preferences to meet different needs and better realize the masturbation experience. It is also equipped with a powerful automatic waiting solidification technology, which can arbitrarily set the long-lasting change that the user needs, so that the user can enjoy a longer pleasure and a smooth rhythm, and can realize remote control and serial connection, allowing the user to adjust the vibration of the device at any time And strength, enjoy the most perfect sex experience.

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