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Male Anal Training Guide

Male Anal Training Guide

It is hard to find these topics ” men anal sex” “men butt plugs” “men ass”. However, an increasing number of men would enjoy the anal sex regularly no matter whether they are gay or straight. Different people choose to have the anal sex for different pleasures. As a survey says, nearly half men would use their fingers to insert their ass when they make love with their sex partners. And still, many men’s asses have been licked during sex.

However, men anal sex still be regarded ass taboo.. it is hard to find many people talking about this topic. What a shame, right? In fact, there are countless nerve endings within your anus, when you stimulate, then you will feel excited. Even if you never recognize this point, you should know that your ass muscles will have the direct reaction for hot or cold things. If you have this kind of stimulation, then your penis will become hard and erect. After doing this, your reaction can be practiced, now it is easy to understand why so many men can ejaculate without touching the penis.

Next step, I would like to talk about the prostate with you. It is located within your anus, just one inch from the opening. You can find it easily by using your hands or some small sex toys. If you have anal sex before, then maybe you will feel intricated with it and you will choose to stimulate your prostate all the time in the furture. Touching and stumuating your prostate can make you come to the orgasm more comfortably. At the same time, this is the reason why we call the prostate as G spot or p spot.

From what we mentioned above, then you must have a doubt. Why just a few men try to have sex on the condition that anal sex have so many advantages. Maybe the main reason is that they always choose to ignore it and they think they may will become a gay if they do this. You can blame the fact that anal sex has been seen as the taboo. However, your sex orientation is decided by the people you love, not the things you do together. If you are straight, and you enjoy anal sex, then you can not become gay. Anyway, if you always choose to miss anal sex, then you cannot enjoy one of the most sex pleasures.

Let us put this thinking aside. No matter whether you are gay or straight, this is not important. Only if you want to try the anal sex , then you can have a try. What’s more, there are many kinds of anal sex plays for you to try and play, just like butt plug training, anal stretching. Therefore, in this post, we would like to tell your more about the male anal training.

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