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Sex lubricants are water-based liquids that are primarily used to enhance sexual pleasure and make it easier for both parties to achieve sexual relations safely. Sex lubricants also reduce the irritation and discomfort that can occur during sexual activity, making sex more enjoyable and comfortable.

The ingredients of sex lubricants are usually water, medical sterile silicone oil, urea or emulsifier, etc. Whether it is water-based, oil-based or aromatic lubricants, the main components must have antibacterial properties, so as not to cause adverse reactions and protect User’s anal health.

Generally speaking, water-based lubricants can be divided into water-based and oil-based. Generally speaking, water-based lubricants have high adaptability, strong washability, and are not easy to cause infection, so they are more suitable for frequent use. Oil-based lubricants, which provide long-lasting moisturization, also have a good replenishment effect in the case of sex hormone reduction, and are more suitable for multiple sexual activities in the body.

Sex lubricants should be used in sexual pool activities, wearing condoms, the eve of sex, skin beautification with essential oils, etc., you can use delicate and comfortable lubricants. When using, you can add an appropriate amount as needed, so that both parties can get more satisfaction when they climax. If there are no specific requirements, generally speaking, there should not be too much sex lubricant, so as to prevent its greasy feeling from changing the pH value of the sexual pool and causing inflammation due to excessive extrusion.

Sex lubricants should also be used with great care. In general, avoid contact with organs related to the eyes and genitals, and avoid mixing other sex lubricants, because multiple ingredients may undergo chemical reactions and affect the effect of use. In addition, pay attention to choosing a regular brand to ensure product quality, and avoid using products with pungent odors.

Sex lubricant is an essential condiment for many couples during sex, which can maximize the surprise of sex and bring physical and mental health and pleasure. Careful selection and use of suitable sex lubricants can make sex safer, more comfortable, and more wonderful