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Male Chastity Belts

Male chastity belt is a lock with special design, structure and purpose. It can restrain the male sexual organs, prevent him from having sex, and play the role of chastity and faith protection. The male chastity belt is a very ancient sexual device, and in some ancient civilizations and hidden secret societies, it has been crowned with categories and religious ceremonies.

The male chastity belt is a sexual device that originated in the Middle Ages. Influenced by European culture, its use is also prevalent in many ancient civilizations and sexual slavery areas, and it lasted until the 19th century. To this day, male chastity belts are still used to a certain extent, generally speaking, by hobbyists and academics. In some cases, male chastity belts are also used as a joke accessory, as well as a secret protective device.

Male chastity belts are generally made of hand-forged high-hardness metal. There are many styles and types, some can be seen from the outside, and some are enclosed in the body. Generally, it is equipped with a lock to facilitate the wearer to control the sexual situation. The structure of the male chastity belt is generally more complicated, which can fix the umbrella bone and the scrotum, and is inlaid with brazed steel sheets and lining inside to prevent the skin from being damaged.

A sexually restricted man who wears a male chastity belt as an innovative type has received widespread attention from society. Because the chastity belt can suppress male sexual desire, it has become a kind of touching sexual wear shaped by traits. By prohibiting sexual behavior through the male chastity belt, it enables men to change and adjust their sexual behavior habits, so as to achieve self-exploration and protect the chastity belief. Pursue sexual gratification or practice monumental behavioral play.

With the rise of sexual culture, men chastity belts are increasingly endowed with new possibilities. In today’s practice, men chastity belts can effectively restrain men’s desires, and then release more sexual enthusiasm. Sexual enthusiasm also makes it easier for the wearer to carry out a deep original sexual experience. The result is more active and polite compensation behaviors and caresses. In addition to constituting the wearer’s safety, it is also a way for the wearer to enjoy sex.

In addition, the male chastity belt is also safe and protective. It provides real-time safety reminders to keep the wearer in a safe state, so as to achieve the purpose of protection and chastity.

It can be seen from this that male chastity belts have both sacred meanings and practical functions for the setting and protection of male sexual behavior, and can effectively prevent men from doing sexual things that make them regret, so as to better realize their own more comprehensive possibilities.