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Silicone Urethral Sounds

Silicone urethral sounds are designed for urethral play. Silicone urethral sounding is soft and flexible for your to use, if you are a beginner, then it is perfect for your urethral exploration. In this collection, we have collected a wide range of silicone urethral sounds to satisfy your demands. If you are interested in them, please come and browse them here.

What better approach to delight a penis than silicone urethral sounds play? It’s sexy, fulfilling, works for joy searchers, and there are different varieties of silicone urethral sounds for entering your urethra alone. There are penis plugs, urethral sounds, and sperm plugs. Be that as it may, which one is the correct silicone urethral sounds for you?

Our silicone urethral sounds are high quality, non-harmful, non-permeable, and free from phthalate, latex, and BPA. Their delicate and perfect design is ideal for fledglings. Since it’s not as hard as stainless steel, you may have to push a bit when you need it to go in further. This is a benefit if you need to have the silicone urethral sounds to deal with the speed and profundity of the entrance.

The cleaning for your silicone urethral sounds is a must. Just clean your sex toy with warm water and gentle cleanser, sanitizing it with unadulterated liquor will do some amazing things for it.