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Ball Stretchers

Ball stretcher is a kind of sex toy, it is a fabric scrotum with a unique structure design, it has the double function of extending the penis and making the sexual pleasure last. It is designed with features such as penis holes and zippers. It is an important sex toy to increase the sexual pleasure of a partner. Its raw materials mainly include artificial leather and genuine leather.

Ball stretcher is commonly used, named after the ancient Greek writer and artist Bronno. Its users can enjoy the pleasure of prolonging sexual intercourse and the high pleasure. Through the pulling force of the ball stretcher, the blood pressure of the penis can be absorbed more, and the duration of erection can be extended, and the erection can be increased. The area of ​​the penis, thereby prolonging the time of sexual behavior, making sex more durable, prolonging the time of sex, is beneficial to the partner to have more sexual pleasure.

Ball stretcher can adjust the tension, the tension can be adjusted to make the tension suitable and easy to operate, and it has the characteristics of visibility, adjustable tension, replaceable belt, safety, reliability, and comfort, and the comfort level can be changed at any time. Make users feel comfortable and meet their needs.

The main structure of the ball stretcher is a three-dimensional overall structure made of soft leather, and the interior is a spiral device, like a ring. The wearer can configure various types of tension according to their wishes, and adjust different tensions according to certain rules, so as to meet the sexual pleasure needs of their partners and make sex more durable.

The use process of ball stretcher is to first remove the upper shell, open the device inside, adjust the tension according to your own wishes and needs, and finally put the penis in, then roll up the shell tightly to maintain a certain tension, when the sex is loosened around , you can achieve the effect of fully stretching the penis, which is conducive to lasting stretching and improving blood circulation, helping to prolong the time of sexual behavior and gain more pleasure.

Ball stretcher is safe and reliable. It has a unique spiral structure inside, which has a very strong fit feature, which allows it to be closer to the body, eliminates the gap between space and resistance, and locks the wearer’s body tightly. When using it, you can adjust its own tension according to your own needs. It has the characteristics of visibility and adjustable tension. The wearer can change the tension at any time, so as to achieve the best pressing state, making it safer and more comfortable to wear.

In a word, ball stretcher is a multi-functional sex toy, which can increase the volume of the penis and prolong the duration of sex, as well as adjust the tension, making sex safer and more comfortable, and helping both parties to obtain more sex pleasure.